Updating Pixelfed [link]

After you have installed Pixelfed, you may update to the latest commits by pulling the dev branch and doing necessary updates/migration/caching:

cd /path/to/pixelfed
git pull origin dev
composer install
php artisan config:cache
php artisan route:cache
php artisan migrate --force

Artisan commands [link]

User management [link]

  • user:admin Make a user an admin, or remove admin privileges.
  • user:create Create a new user
  • user:delete Delete account
  • user:show Show user info
  • user:suspend Suspend a local user.
  • user:unsuspend Unsuspend a local user.
  • user:table Display latest users

For example, you can give a user the admin role with the following command:

php artisan user:admin username_here

Fix accounts with reserved names [link]

You can run this command to fix accounts created before that username was reserved.

php artisan fix:usernames

Remove unused media [link]

With this command you can trigger the garbage collection on the media files. This frees up disk space. All files being older than one hour and which are not used in any status are removed.

php artisan media:gc

Create an OAuth client [link]

You can create an OAuth client from the command line using this command:

php artisan passport:client --personal