All commands are prefixed with php artisan

Base commands [link]

clear-compiled [link]

Remove the compiled class file

db [link]

Start a new database CLI session

down [link]

Put the application into maintenance / demo mode

env [link]

Display the current framework environment

help [link]

Displays help for a command

horizon [link]

Start a master supervisor in the foreground

install [link]

CLI Installer

list [link]

Lists commands

migrate [link]

Run the database migrations

optimize [link]

Cache the framework bootstrap files

serve [link]

Serve the application on the PHP development server

test [link]

Run the application tests

tinker [link]

Interact with your application

ui [link]

Swap the front-end scaffolding for the application

up [link]

Bring the application out of maintenance mode

update [link]

Run pixelfed schema updates between versions.

auth [link]

auth:clear-resets [link]

Flush expired password reset tokens

backup [link]

backup:clean [link]

Remove all backups older than specified number of days in config.

backup:list [link]

Display a list of all backups.

backup:monitor [link]

Monitor the health of all backups.

backup:run [link]

Run the backup.

cache [link]

cache:clear [link]

Flush the application cache

cache:forget [link]

Remove an item from the cache

cache:table [link]

Create a migration for the cache database table

config [link]

config:cache [link]

Create a cache file for faster configuration loading

config:clear [link]

Remove the configuration cache file

db [link]

db:seed [link]

Seed the database with records

db:wipe [link]

Drop all tables, views, and types

email [link]

email:bancheck [link]

Checks user emails for banned domains

event [link]

event:cache [link]

Discover and cache the application’s events and listeners

event:clear [link]

Clear all cached events and listeners

event:generate [link]

Generate the missing events and listeners based on registration

event:list [link]

List the application’s events and listeners

fix [link]

fix:avatars [link]

Replace old svg identicon avatars with default png avatar

fix:hashtags [link]

Fix Hashtags

fix:likes [link]

Fix Like counts

fix:profile:duplicates [link]

Fix duplicate profiles

fix:statuscount [link]

fix profile status count

fix:usernames [link]

Fix invalid usernames

gc [link]

gc:failedjobs [link]

Delete failed jobs over 1 month old

gc:passwordreset [link]

Delete password reset tokens over 24 hours old

horizon [link]

horizon:clear [link]

Delete all of the jobs from the specified queue

horizon:continue [link]

Instruct the master supervisor to continue processing jobs

horizon:continue-supervisor [link]

Instruct the supervisor to continue processing jobs

horizon:forget [link]

Delete a failed queue job

horizon:install [link]

Install all of the Horizon resources

horizon:list [link]

List all of the deployed machines

horizon:pause [link]

Pause the master supervisor

horizon:pause-supervisor [link]

Pause a supervisor

horizon:publish [link]

Publish all of the Horizon resources

horizon:purge [link]

Terminate any rogue Horizon processes

horizon:snapshot [link]

Store a snapshot of the queue metrics

horizon:status [link]

Get the current status of Horizon

horizon:supervisors [link]

List all of the supervisors

horizon:terminate [link]

Terminate the master supervisor so it can be restarted

import [link]

import:cities [link]

Import Cities to database

instance [link]

instance:actor [link]

Generate instance actor

key [link]

key:generate [link]

Set the application key

make [link]

Shortcuts to create new Laravel framework files. Useful for dev.

make:cast [link]

Create a new custom Eloquent cast class

make:channel [link]

Create a new channel class

make:command [link]

Create a new Artisan command

make:component [link]

Create a new view component class

make:controller [link]

Create a new controller class

make:event [link]

Create a new event class

make:exception [link]

Create a new custom exception class

make:factory [link]

Create a new model factory

make:job [link]

Create a new job class

make:listener [link]

Create a new event listener class

make:mail [link]

Create a new email class

make:middleware [link]

Create a new middleware class

make:migration [link]

Create a new migration file

make:model [link]

Create a new Eloquent model class

make:notification [link]

Create a new notification class

make:observer [link]

Create a new observer class

make:policy [link]

Create a new policy class

make:provider [link]

Create a new service provider class

make:request [link]

Create a new form request class

make:resource [link]

Create a new resource

make:rule [link]

Create a new validation rule

make:seeder [link]

Create a new seeder class

make:test [link]

Create a new test class

media [link]

media:fix [link]

Fix media on v0.10.8+

media:gc [link]

Delete media uploads not attached to any active statuses

media:optimize [link]

Find and optimize media that has not yet been optimized.

migrate [link]

migrate:fresh [link]

Drop all tables and re-run all migrations

migrate:install [link]

Create the migration repository

migrate:refresh [link]

Reset and re-run all migrations

migrate:reset [link]

ollback all database migrations

migrate:rollback [link]

Rollback the last database migration

migrate:status [link]

Show the status of each migration

notifications [link]

notifications:table [link]

Create a migration for the notifications table

optimize [link]

optimize:clear [link]

Remove the cached bootstrap files

package [link]

package:discover [link]

Rebuild the cached package manifest

passport [link]

passport:client [link]

Create a client for issuing access tokens

passport:hash [link]

Hash all of the existing secrets in the clients table

passport:install [link]

Run the commands necessary to prepare Passport for use

passport:keys [link]

Create the encryption keys for API authentication

passport:purge [link]

Purge revoked and / or expired tokens and authentication codes

queue [link]

Commands related to the queue worker.

queue:batches-table [link]

Create a migration for the batches database table

queue:clear [link]

Delete all of the jobs from the specified queue

queue:failed [link]

List all of the failed queue jobs

queue:failed-table [link]

Create a migration for the failed queue jobs database table

queue:flush [link]

Flush all of the failed queue jobs

queue:forget [link]

Delete a failed queue job

queue:listen [link]

Listen to a given queue

queue:prune-batches [link]

Prune stale entries from the batches database

queue:restart [link]

Restart queue worker daemons after their current job

queue:retry [link]

Retry a failed queue job

queue:retry-batch [link]

Retry the failed jobs for a batch

queue:table [link]

Create a migration for the queue jobs database table

queue:work [link]

Start processing jobs on the queue as a daemon

regenerate [link]

regenerate:thumbnails [link]

Regenerate thumbnails

route [link]

route:cache [link]

Create a route cache file for faster route registration

route:clear [link]

Remove the route cache file

route:list [link]

List all registered routes

schedule [link]

schedule:list [link]

List the scheduled commands

schedule:run [link]

Run the scheduled commands

schedule:test [link]

Run a scheduled command

schedule:work [link]

Start the schedule worker

schema [link]

schema:dump [link]

Dump the given database schema

seed [link]

seed:follows [link]

Seed follows for testing

session [link]

session:table [link]

Create a migration for the session database table

status [link]

status:dedup [link]

Removes duplicate statuses from before unique uri migration

storage [link]

Create the symbolic links configured for the application

story [link]

story:gc [link]

Clear expired Stories

stub [link]

stub:publish [link]

Publish all stubs that are available for customization

ui [link]

ui:auth [link]

Scaffold basic login and registration views and routes

ui:controllers [link]

Scaffold the authentication controllers

user [link]

user:admin [link]

Make a user an admin, or remove admin privileges.

user:create [link]

Create a new user

user:delete [link]

Delete account

user:show [link]

Show user info

user:suspend [link]

Suspend a local user.

user:table [link]

Display latest users

user:unsuspend [link]

Unsuspend a local user.

vendor [link]

vendor:publish [link]

Publish any publishable assets from vendor packages

video [link]

video:thumbnail [link]

Generate missing video thumbnails

view [link]

view:cache [link]

Compile all of the application’s Blade templates

view:clear [link]

Clear all compiled view files